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40 Coleoptera Sp. Reese' Cyclop.

Cicindela Lin
8-guttata. Oliv. Dusky; elytra with 4 dots on the disk, and 2 marginal bundles of white. Am.
Carolina, Lin. Green, shining; tip of the elytra, mouth, antennae & legs yellow; Megacephala Lat. N. Am.
Virginica Lin Shining; mouth, antennae, & legs testaceous. Carolina.

Cryptocephalus Fab. (Chrysomella Lin)
obsitus, Fab. Testaceous; antennae & margin of the elytra black; abdomen cinereous fuscous Am.
venustus. Fab. Grey brown; 2 spots on the thorax & margin yellow; elytra yellow with two black fillets. Am.
pubescens Fab. Thorax & elytra dull brassy & pubescent; scutel black. Am.
nigripes Fab. Head & thorax rufous; elytra pale; legs black at the tip; antennae black with the base rufous. Am.
notatus Fab. Black; elytra striated with dots; band & top of the tip testaceous Am.
svittata Fab. Testaceous; margin of the elytra & stripe on the middle black-Carolina (Cistela Fab) Lip bifid; body oblong)

Scaraboeus Lin.
atlas, Lin. Thorax 3-horned, middle one very short; horn of the head recurved, sometimes three toothed. Am.
lazarus Lin. Thorax with 3 tubercles; horn of the head short emarginate; sheald of the head emarginate; thorax brown, canaliculate, the middle tubercle transverse; elytra striate, rufous. N. Am.
festivus Lin. Thorax gibbose, two horned; horn of the head erect; elytra red brassy. Am.
ammon Lin. Thorax smoothly 3 toothed, the middle one is the larger; horn of the head recurved; elytra striate; shield rounded, emarginate, with a projecting sharp recurved horn; elytra with crenate stripes. Am.
(satyrus, Lin) Thorax truncate before; horn of the head recurved, as long as the head; shield widely emarginate; horns 3 times as long as the shield; elytra striate; body beneath ferruginous, hairy; shankes toothed. Am. Mass. [Jamaicencensis) Drwry
melibaus Lin. Thorax uneven before; horn of the head very short & truncate; elytra striate; antennae thick, pitchy; head thorax & legs black; shells (elytra?) marked with crenate stripes, dull & pitchy. N. Am.
marianus Lin. Head tuberculate; elytra smoothe, glaucus, dotted with brown; abdomen & thighs ferruginous. Am. [female of S. tityus Lin.-Say)
Carolinus. Lin. Thorax retuse with two knots; horn of the head erect and very short; shield entire; elytra grooved. Carolina 1/2 inch thick.
sphinx. Lin. Thorax with 4 impressed points; head slightly horned; no fore tarsi Am. & South Europe.
carnifix. Lin. Thorax angular & rough; horn of the head inflected; body brassy Am. Forms round balls of excrement. [Phaneous]
splendidus Lin. Shining green; elytra striate; shield emarginate; thorax rounded with a lateral impressed point on each side; elytra with crenated stripes; thighs toothed. Am.
gibbosus, Lin. Shield 4 toothed; elytra with a gibbosity at the base. Am
smaragdulus Lin. Brassy polished; shield 2 toothed. Am.
punctatus. Lin. Testaceous; elytra marked with 3 brown distant spots claws curved, very sharp. Am. Mass. [Rutela Pebulonatoy?]
glacialis, Lin. Smoothe, pitchy; antennae & legs testaceous. Am.
striatus Lin. Smoothe, brassy; elytra striate, the suture & four lines brassy; body beneath and legs black; elytra 10 grooved. Am.
nigritus Lin. Smoothe black; shield reflected; elytra obscurely striate; shield rounded black & immaculate; body black. Am.
vitis Lin? Green; sides of the thorax yellow. On the vine Europe & America.
smaragdulus Lin. Yellowish ferruginous; elytra greenish; sternum horned body yellowish; hind shanks punctured. Am.
clavatus Lin. Green, coppery, polished; elytra testaceous; sternum horned on the fore part. Am.


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