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42 Col Sp. Cyclo.

Leptura Lin.
vittata, Swederus. Pale testaceous; antennae annulated with fuscuous; elytra dotted with black, with 4 yellow stripes. Am. Mass
nitens, Forster. Thorax globulers and with the abdomen black, with yellowish shining down; elytra black, with 4 broad yellow bands. legs ferruginous. North America. Mass (Zebrata Fab)

Meloe Lin.
Americana L. Black; thorax semicircular; elytra with 3 yellow bands; antennae clavate at tip. Am.
Pennsylvanica Lin. Entirely black spake Am.

Necydalis Lin
collaris Lin. Black; thorax testaceous with 2 punctures; legs simple N. Am.

pectinata L. Rufous; elytra black at the base, with a cinereous blotch in the middle-Am.
6=maculata Lin. Black; thorax ferruginous; elytra testaceous with 3 black spots. Am.

Ptinus Lin.
fur. Testaceous; thorax 4 toothed; elytra with 2 white bands. 1/10 inch. Mass.
serricornis Lin. Thorax gibbose deflected body testaceous; antennae serrate Am.

Silpha Lin
Americana L. Depressed & black; thorax yellow, & black in the centre; elytra rugged, immaculate. Mass.
fasciata, L. Black; elytra with 2 rufous bands, the fore one spotted with black. North America Mass. [Dasne]

Opatrum Lin.
sabutosum L. Brown; elytra with three indented raised lines; thorax emarginate. Europe & America.

(Says American Entomology)

Scaraboeus Lin Lat (Geotrupes Fab)
tityus, Lin (S. marianus L. F.) Thorax 3 horned, the lateral ones short, subulate, middle one bearded with yellow hair beneath, projected forwards and bifid at tip; horn of the head recurved, subemarginate on the back near the tip. Pa.

Anthicus Fab-Notoxus, Geoff, &c.
bicolor. Say-Blackish, thorax with a projecting horn, and with the feet testaceous immaculate. N.J. on hickory.
monodon Fab. Testaceous, elytra with a black band and spots.

tridecina-punctata, Herbst. (C. cribrania Fab) Above sanguineous; 5 spots on the thorax, 4 on each elytra, and scutel black; head & all beneath black. U.S. on Ascelepias Syriaca-milk weed.
quinue-punctata Say. Black; thorax sanguineous with 5 black spots; elytra with a sanguineous exterior submargin. South.

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