Carex Oligocarpa Schkur, p. 77




Status: Complete

129 Carex oligocarpa, Schkur

Syn. C. Sartwelliana, Gay

Sterile spike solitary, linear, short;
fertile spikes 2 to 4, small distant, 3 to 8 flowered,
upper one sessile, the lower pedunculate; peri=
=gynia obovate, roundish, the point slightly
oblique, not [recurved?]; style very short thickened
towards the base; scale ovate or oblong mucronate,
shorter than the perigynium; leaves rough only
on the edge, sheaths smooth. Culms
8 to 12 inches high. Flowers in [blank] In

Illinois, Southern Indiana, Ohio, and
about Lake Superior. Extends southward
to Florida.

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