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Though these older rocks are usually not capable of being quarried into regular blocks there are, doubtless, many localities which will afford durable building stone, equal in beauty to any found in other states; one variety from the wolf river, consisting mostly of red feldspar being almost equal to the famous Scotch granite so much used for ornamental purposes.
It is among these rocks that we are to look for the mountains of iron ore; for gold, silver, & copper; kaolin, graphite, emery, and many other useful minerals.
Magnetic Oxide of Iron forms a layer interposed between a layer of quartzite at the south and of a very hard horblendic rock on the north, in Ashland county, forming a very prominent ridge known as the Penokee Iron Range. It extends near the 4th principal meridian about thirty miles towards the west and affords a supply of ore entirely inexhaustable. The ore is associated wit silicious slate into which it passes by gradual change of composition.

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