Status: Complete

of the Plants of the State of Illinois
By I. A. Lapham, of Milwaukee Wisconsin

During several journeys through the state
of Illinois at various times since the year 1836 I have carefully
noted her botanical productions, and hence
am able to make a catalogue of the species
growing within her boundaries. But the
following enumeration embraces many species
which I have admitted on the authority of others.

As early as 1794 Andre Michaux a
distinguished botanist of France visited Illinois
in search of plants which were to be sent home to enrich
the gardens and [pleasure?] grounds of his own
beautiful country. In 1803 was published
in Paris his "Flora Boreali Americana", the
first general work on the botany of North
America, in which a number of plants are
set down as having been found "in regione
Illinoensi" or "in vastissimus pratensibus? [Illino-

In 1826 Dr Lewis C. Beck published
his contributions towards the botany of Illinois
and Missouri in the 10th & 11th volumes (1st series)
of Silliman's American Journal of Science and
Arts. But most of the localities mentioned by Dr Beck
are in Missouri.

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