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It will be readily understood therefore
that the following is a pretty full list
of the plants growing naturally within
the state of Illinois. Further researches
will undoubtedly reveal some new
treasures, but compared with the whole
[number] their number [must] will be small.

A glance at the geographical
position of Illinois with a knowledge of
her principal topographical features
will prepare us to look for a rich
Flora. Bordering on the Great Lakes;
bounded on her whole western side
by the Great Mississippi river; with
the valley of the wa[u]bash on the
East, and of the Ohio on the south;
she is nearly surrounded by water.
The southern extreme of the state lies in
latitude 37 degrees or nearly as far south as
the lower part of Kentucky and Virginia,
and has an elevation of only 275 feet
at the low water of Cairo above the ocean level. Here are found
quite a number of plants that do not
extend into the central mid northern portions
of the state. There are distinguished in
the following catalogue by the letter S. The
north line of the state is in Latitude 42 degrees 30'
and partakes in a considerable degree of

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