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will look over the "dry list" with deep interest
to find what flowers and shrubs may be
gathered at Rome, and thus save
the expense and trouble of purchasing and
transporting from the east (perhaps covered with
noxious insects) the very plants he could have
found near his door.

It will be seen by the enumeration,
that there are over seventy species in Illinois
that attain the height and dignity of forest
trees. 12 or 13 oaks. The rich bottom lands along the
margins of the Mississippi, the Ohio, and the
Wabash, afford specimens of the noblest
and most gigantic trees of the Great Valley the West of
It was here that Michaux wandered at a
time when but few white men had penetrated
so far into the wilderness. IT was here
that he became so deeply impressed with the grandeur
and magnificence of the forests of the
New World. "The difficulties, privations,
and dangers, to which he was exposed, at that
early day, in there unsettled wilds may be
easily imagined but we can as readily conceive
that there were [all] more than balanced in
his mind by the delights which he experienced
in traversing a hitherto untrodden region, though
which in reference to the lights of science and
the labors of civilization, may truly be said

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