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Nardus stricta Linn (- Goats & horses eat it-cows & sheep are not fond of it. Being stiff, hard, & short it eludes the stroke of the scythe. &c.

Panicum-Seeds of most species good for birds, &c

Panicum Germaniceum-annual-3 varieties-yellow, white & purple grain. formerly cultivated for bread. S. Europe.
P. Italicum-larger & leaves broader than preceding

Poa. aquatica-Affords rich pasturage in summer & winter fodder.

Poa annua-Continually throws out new shoots & produces new flowers & seeds in so much that if the ground be moist, a single plant will grow in this manner throughout the year, so that we generally find on the same plant young shoots & ripe seeds. It imitates therefore the tropical plants in this, & is perhaps the only vegetable we have that does. Millers Dictionary vol. 3. Common to every quarter of the globe. Best way to destroy it in walks &c is by pouring boiling water upon it.- Tender, grateful to collect &c-Never acquires great height Like other species it becomes viviparous in alpine situations.

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