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Jour. Acad. N.S. 2d Ser 1p 186 Art. 13

Calycodon Nuttall (New Genry) (allied to Muhlenbergia)
montanum Nutt. Jour Acad. 2d Ser 1 p186 Perennial
Rocky Mountains near Sant Fee N Mex August

Muhlenbergia (Trichochloa) purpurea Nutt p 186-Santa Barbaro-Cal. & Island of Santa Catalina. Annual

Calamagrostis (Trichagrostis) andina Nutt. p 187 Cal. on Colorado of the West

Festuca (Chloropsis) macrostachys Nutt. p 187 Pueblo de los Angelos Annual Cal.

Trachycarpha megalura Nutt. p 188 Annual Santa Barbosa Cal.

Melica panicoides Nutt p 188 April. Santa Barbosa
poeoides Nutt p 188. Island of Santa Catalina Cal.

Stenochloa-Nutt N Gen p 189 Nearly allied to Poa
Californica Nutt p. 189 Island of Catalina Cost of Cal.

Pleopogon Nutt. N Gen. p 189 Allied to Lycurus (but flowers ll hermaphrodite)
setosum Nutt. p 189 Mountains of Santa Fe N. Mex. all above published in August-!1848

Jour Acad N. Ser. Vol 3 part 2 Art 1X
Calamagrostis Canadensis Beauor. (C. Mexicana Nutt)
Festuca duriuscula? Linn
Hordeum pusillum Nutt
] Near Nevada California Collected by Henry Pratten Esq.

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