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The elementary substances that enter into the composition of grasses are [thirteen] fourteen

[List of elementary substances]

The analysis of 20 different species shows the following elements in all:

1. Oxygen
2. Hydrogen
3. Carbon
4. Chlorine
5. Phosphorus
6. Sulphur
7. Lime
8. Magnesia
10. Potash
11. [Soda]
9. Silica
12 Iron
13. Manganise
19 of them contained iron-
Nitrogen though found in wheat is not mentioned in these analysis &c &c

These elements are variously combined forming what chemists technically call salts, acids &c

Chloride of Potassium KCL
Carbonate of Lime CaO3
Chloride of Sodium (common salt)
Phosphate of lime
" magnesia
" iron
Oxygen & Hydrogen (Water)

Phosphoric acid
Sulphuric acid H1S04
Carbonic acid
Silicic acid.
Per. oxide of Maugauese Mn02
Sesquin (or Per) Oxyide of Iron Fe203
Oxide of Potassium
Oxide of Sodium.

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