Chapter II, Agrostideae, p. 22




Status: Complete

4 215 15 P

Alopecurus aristulatus, Michaux Fl. 1 p 43 1802
3 Lapham Wis Ag Tr. 3
2 Gray Man p 541 1836
p 66 1816 Nutt

Alopecurus aristulatus
Wild Water FoxTail

A. Subaristatus PH. Fl. Gen. 1 p 52 1818 R&S
A. qemculatus B. aristulatus, Jour. Fl. p 97 1824
(Koch En 1.24 makes it syn. of A. fuluus Sm)


In water of marshes

Gamask Pr. of the Coeur d'Aleine, Geyer (Hosh Jour 7 p 37)
Abundant on the N.W. Coast, Douglass
Native also of Europe
Canada Map
Illinois, Minnesota
Wisconsin! Michigan Dr. D Houghton! Ohio Dr JR Paddock!
New York (Jour NY Filina 2 p 417)


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