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Chapter XIV

-1227 (b)

Milwaukee Jan/30 1864

My dear Friend

The express-man will bring to your door the parcel of Mosses that Mrs. Atwater and you requested for a contribution to the funds for the relief of sick and wounded soldiers, and I hope you will not be disappointed with them.

Should any one object to paying twenty dollars for this collection, ask [ask] them how many cedar swamps and cranberry marshes they would be willing to wade through for that sun--or how many rocky crags they would climb and clamber over at the risk often of a broken neck or limb for that small sum. Ask how long they would sit patiently over the microscope carefully examining the peristome, the antheridia, the operculum, the archegonia and the paraphyses, to determine the proper genus and species for that paltry sum? Should I disclose to you all my experiences of this kind you would perhaps think I had been spending my days and nights foolishly,--far from it.

These shreds from Nature's carpet are richly worth the sum named.

Yours very truly,

Miss A.E. Stone.
I.A. Lapham.

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