Letter from C. C. Parry to Dr. I. A. Lapham




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Geological Extra Copy

Davenport, Iowa, Jan'y 16, 1873.

Dr. I.A. Lapham,

My Dear Sir,

I do not know when I have been better pleased than in
reading your article on Botanical classification in the Wisconsin
Academy Transactions. It seems to me that you have struck on
just the right view and whatever botanical authorities may say
at first it will be eventually adopted and Coniferae transferred
to its proper place between Monocotyledons and Lycopodiacene.
The points you bring out are clear and convincing, one of those
discoveries that when once started, every one wonders why they had
not thought of it before. *** I feel proud that is should have
been first worked up by a Western man and published in a Western
journal. /***

I have just received the volume of Wis.Hist.Society
Trans. and have acknowledged the same. Many thanks to you for
the suggestion on which it was sent. Of course I should need no
prompting to send you anything in the historical line that may
come in my way, knowing of old your salting down propensity. ***

Yours truly,

C.C. Parry.

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