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January 5, 1968

Mr. Don G. Hagman, Assistant Director
Institute of Government and Public Affairs
University of California, Los Angles
Los Angles, California 90024

Dear Mr. Hagman:

Thank you for sending the copy of your article "City Power: A Way to Regional Open Housing." It is unfortunate that neither the Journal nor the Sentinel saw fit to use it, but, as you indicate, a newspaper has every right to reject material which it considers to be "editorial" in tone, or likely to alienate some vested interest.

I have take the liberty of forwarding copies of the article together with your cover letter to the Milwaukee Star, and the Milwaukee Courier, the two newspapers which circulate largely within the Negro community. While, should they elect to print it, it would receive only limited readership, this would serve at least as a starting point. If I am afforded any other opportunities to disseminate your views, I shall do so. And I do thank you for providing me with the chance both to acquaint myself with your views, and to help, in some small way, in passing them on to others.


Vel R. Phillips
Alderman 6th ward

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