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[Letterhead: University of California, Los Angeles
Institute of Government and Public Affairs
Los Angeles, California 90024]

December 13, 1967

Mrs. Vel Phillips
City Councilwoman
City of Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dear Mrs. Phillips:

I sent the enclosed article to The Milwaukee Journal in the hope that it would be published and thereby generate some interest in a means of solving the impasse over open housing in Milwaukee. The Journal rejected it because of its "editorial tone."

Of course, the Journal has the right to reject this article because it may constitute an affront to some powerful vested interests in the Milwaukee community. I am troubled, however, by the realization that in a one newspaper town there is no other effective way of communicating my idea. Perhaps you have some means at your disposal for disseminating the idea and I therefore give you permission to use the article in whatever way you see fit.

I have also sent a copy of the article to Father Groppi.

Sincerely yours,
Donald G. Hagman

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