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January 5, 1968
Mr. Phillip G. Marshall

The "something", I think is a strong local fair housing ordinance. At this point, this is meaningful! The people who have been forced into a ghetto by the accident of being born black need desperately to have their faith restored, in local government, and in their political representatives. Believe me, I know fair housing is no cure-all for the ills of our society; but, Phillip, it is a step. Right now, it is the most important step we have to take. The long range solutions to all of our problems are going to take a long time to be achieved. But that surely doesn't mean that we don't do everything we can to help them along. Right here, right now, we have an entire section of our citizenry degraded, discouraged, dejected and very, very weary of listening to excuses and defenses for not doing what we know is morally right, even though it may be politically dangerous. At least, by this small step, we could offer these people a renewal of faith in the government and society with which they have become so awfully frustrated.

It was so nice chatting with Elizabeth, and I'm delighted that it brought about the opportunity to straighten out this little misunderstanding. We really must try to get together, soon, and really talk to each other. Until that time, though, again my thanks for your firm reassurance, and indication of support for just and meaningful fair housing legislation.


Vel R. Phillips
Alderman 6th Ward


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