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Dr. Howard Thurman -2- February 2, 1968

This was, of course, the practical solution, but it did
not satisfy the female sentiment to have a book that had been
sent and personally autographed by Howard Thurman. And, so I
pondered and any momentary hesitation in the area of letter
writing is for me generally fatal. Next thing I knew I was either
involved in one of the NAACP Youth Council Marches in subzero
weather; or off somewhere trying to convince an all-white audience
that (a) freedom and equality are inseparable, (b) time was running
out and (c) the fire burning inside Negroes was bursting for the
everyday; or more than likely simply busy with some purely
maternal act like tackling this new type arithmetic which I am
determined to conquer in order to help the boys with homework.

In any event, before I knew it, the time had slipped by
and I had not written. Please understand this time and please
forgive me.

It was dear of you to notice that I looked a little worn.
It is true. I have been doing the work of at least three people,
and I am neither bragging nor complaining -- I love it. I think
this is an exciting era for Black people, and I thank God for
letting me share in it.

I deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and your warm words.
Please write me again if your schedule can permit even a scribbled
note. Thank you again.


Alderman, 6th Ward


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