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The Townsend Plan Lobby
John Doyle Elliott-National Pension Lobbyist
P.O. Box 2005-Capital Plaza Branch
Hyattsville, Md. 20784

Lobby & Pledge Letter-
Statistical Report on Income
of Elderly-Feb. & Mar. 1969

"THANKS, REGULAR SUPPORTERS-THANKS!" That's always my first thing to say. My last letter told of our new bill, introduced the opening day of Congress. Meanwhile, the work was done for a statement, shortly, by Rep. McFall to the House of Representatives-and, also, the work necessary statistically to up-date the explanatory articles which must accompany the reprint of our bill, H.R. 1205.

On the verge of completion, this work's been stalled nearly two months because the official release of authentic reports on 1967 money-income distribution is months overdue. Regardless of the restriction, I secured the data needed for our bill-and have done the mathematical analyses on 1967. Shortly, to back up Rep. McFall's statement, I'll give this information directly to every Member of Congress. And I will perfect the articles for the reprint of our bill. Below are the FACTS about the 1967 income of elderly Americans and the financial tragedy a retirement for most means.

(1) In 1947, persons over 65 had only $34.5% of the median income of persons 25 through 64. Severe impoverishment. BUT, in 1967, with all our legislation and programs, it had shriveled to 29.2%. An unbelievable 15.4% DROP!

(2) In recent years, depression in the retirement years has dramatically deepened. In 1964, men over 65 had a median income of $2,037-2,904 LESS than men 55 through 64. Women had $952-$958 less than women 55 through 64.
In 1965, men over 65 had $2,116-$3,134 LESS than men 55 through 64. Women had $984 -$1,035 less than women 55 through 64.
In 1966, men over 65 had $2,162-$3,588 LESS than men 55 through 64. Women had $1,087-$1,129 less than women 55 through 64.
And, in 1967, men over 65 had $2,304-$3,818 LESS than men 55 through 64. Women had $1,087[$1,085]-$1,229 less than women 55 through 64.
IN SHORT: Income for men over 65 increased 12.6%-but their inferiority to men 55 thru 64 increased 31.5%. For women it was 18% in income and 28.3% in inferiority. What a crushing loss of license to live!

(3) In 1947, 10,641,000 persons were over 65-in 1967, 18, 245,000. Up 71.5%. In 1947, 72,497,000 were 25 thru 64-in 1967, 86,513,000. Up only 19.3%. The elderly increasing nearly four times faster than younger adults.

(4) Behind it all is this fact. In 1947, less than 14% of the total income of ALL persons over 65, from all sources combined, was from Social Security Act benefits. Now, at least HALF their total money-income is such benefits! The problems steadily outrun Congress' feeble remedies.

ONLY ONE THING would have reversed this picture in the past-and can remedy it in the future. OUR BILL! The great, national pension for ALL Americans alike, at age 60, sufficient to bar poverty even for those having no other resource. The Floor of Prosperity below which we will no longer allow human living. Nothing else, or LESS will do what ought, by every decency, to be done.

Our Lobby is dedicated to driving home this truth. It alone can give our people the equality, freedom and happiness they ought to have-and our country the reverence of Mankind only that equality, freedom and happiness for our people can create. The alternatives have all failed-PERPETUATING THE EVILS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO ABOLISH!

For this we prize your understanding friendship-and treasure your prayers.

John Doyle Elliott.

P.S. Please keep these facts for reference. Much more is to be said about them. The enclosed Petition should be sent directly to the Congressman, when complete

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