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Status: Complete

Vel R. Phillips
Alderman, 6th Ward
Room 205, City Hall


Below is a copy of a suggestion deposited in the City Hall suggestion box. It is sent to you purely for your information.

If any action is taken as a direct result of the suggestion, may we be so notified? Unless the suggestion is an anonymous one, may we please have a copy of any reply that you may send?

This will help us keep a complete file of suggestions and actions taken.

Thank you.

Gerald P. Caffrey
Municipal Reference Librarian

Number: 69-33
Purpose of suggestion: Standard price for shoreline in taverns posted on premises at once.
Date of suggestion: March 28, 1969

Suggestion: Friday I had a drink in a bar on North Avenue and a Negro boy charged me 50 cents for a shoeshine. A $5 license should be charged for doing this work. I am from Africa and need my money on tour. Alderman Pitts and Phillips must be poor Aldermen in your Indian town.

Signed: [anonymous]
"Sightseeing Indian Tourist-Africa"

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