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March 3, 1969

Mrs. Vel R. Phillips
2237 N. Booth St.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

Dear Mrs. Phillips:

Enclosed you will find an Ordinance from the city of Madison, Wis. which the Common Council has ordained.

I would assume too that the Milwaukee Common Council has also ordained this amendment. If not, I'm certain that you will do all that you can to get it ordained.

I have also enclosed a carbon copy of a letter that I have sent to the E.E.O.C. in Washington which further explains my purpose.

I have followed your career very closely and know that you have fought very hard in the fight for Human Rights of all people. WE have met on several occations one of which was in the basement of St. Boniface's Church-we were making sandwiches.

Thank you very much Mrs. Phillips and I would deeply appreciate any help that you could give in getting "Women's Rights" in forward motion.

Lois Torkelson

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