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May 28, 1969

Mr. Mathias F. Schimenz
Inspector of Buildings
Municipal Building, Room 1010
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Dear Matt:

I thought this was the strangest letter. I
know Vi Harris very well and we frequently confer on
license matters. As a matter of fact, I feel sure she
is aware of the rather well-known "secret" that I keep
late hours and can usually be reached at night. She has
often called about various tavern matters of real import
since she does hold a Distributor's license. I was
baffled, to say the least, to receive correspondence re-
garding a rather routine complaint via her brother-in-law
by the round about route of the Cook County Circuit Court.
Notwithstanding, I would not want this to in any way de-
tract from your immediate attention to both of the afore-
said grievances.

Thank you very much for you co-operation in
this regard.


Alderman 6th Ward



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