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Circuit Court of Cook County

Chambers of
Sidney A. Jones, Jr.


May 21, 1969

Alderman Vel Phillips
Alderman, Sixth Ward
City Hall
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dear Alderman Phillips:

I was in Milwaukee last week visiting my sister-in-law, Mrs. Violet Harrisy,
who lives at 2429 North Fifth Street.

Immediately in front of her house is a very seriously deteriorated and dan-
gerous building with most of the windows broken out and other rotten undesirable
conditions existing. The building is at 2428-30 North Fifth Street. Mrs. Harris
is very desirous of having this building demolished by the city if such is possible.
I know that when I was in the Chicago City Council we had a law which permitted
an alderman to introduce an ordinance for the demolishing of an unsafe building.
I would appreciate it very much if you could see your way clear to take appropriate
steps, under your laws, to have this building demolished. It is very easy for a serious
fire to be started in the building, which is of frame construction and the fire could
spread to many frame buildings in the block, causing a very serious catastrophe.

There is also a building at 2435 North Fifth Street with many building vio-
lations and an inspection by the City Building Department is definitely warranted
and I would appreciate it if you would consider this as a complaint to the Building
Department and order an inspection. There are fourteen children and two adults in
this building which has no plumbing facilities and human waste is thrown out of the

With kindest personal regards I am thanking you in advance for your courtesy
in this matter, I am

Very truly yours,

Sidney A. Jones
Sidney A. Jones, Jr., Judge
Circuit Court of Cook County


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