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Status: Complete

[printed stationery - City of Milwaukee - Department of Public Works]

September 2, 1966

Alderman Vel Phillips, Chairman
Health-Traffic Committee
City of Milwaukee

Dear Alderman Phillips:

In the seven months since the Bureau of Street Sanita-
tion started to pick up shopping carts abandoned on
public streets, alleys and sidewalks, we have collected
a total of 2123 of them.

At the estimated value of $50.00 each, this represents
an equipment investment of more than one hundred
thousand dollars. Most of the carts have been picked
up by the proper owners, at various ward yards. The
department has released them without charge, pending
a decision on the file currently before the Health-
Traffic Committee.

During the first five weeks of the pickup, the average
was 109 carts; the next 10 weeks-55, and for the last
10 weeks it has averaged 47 per week.

Attached is a tabulation of the total cart pickup
by wards.

This is being sent to you only for your information.

Sincerely yours,
[signature] W. Rheinfrank
William J. Rheinfrank, Supt.


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