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...buy a cheap lot for it. It is so pretty with its fan light and two windows flanking the front door. It has pillars, green shutters, everything However I don't know the economic advisability of moving any house, what the effect would be on plaster. If you do want the Shield house, I wouldn't speak to her about it right away because she is so perverse that she would want to keep them for now. She has decided against keeping it. Let her find another house first (Ger. Whitlow has promised to help her.), then approach her. If you'd like to see it or the white frame house, come over some afternoon. I can't go with you to Shields, of course, but we can visit some of the remaining mansions, also a marvellous one on 25th & Kilbourne and maybe the the Robt. Machek house on 19th & Juneaue if you haven't. (The woodcarver's house - the only remaining house in Kilbourntown 3 project). How would a Saturday am be? If so, maybe we could get in Trinity Lutheran Church on 9th & Highland - an absolute gem.

Enclosed also is an article about leaving inheritances without going thru probate by the author of the book I was telling you about.

I am downtown on 3d and Wells several times a week working in my uncle's office since he's had a heart attack. If you are able to have lunch someday soon, call me the evening before (933-7078) and I'll arrange to go down next day.

Hoping to hear from you soon
Love - Florence

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