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WEll Mrs. Hoodlum did you already get on your
knees and pray to your God. He told all
his hoodlum tramps there is no God
In Heaven he is their God they must
pray to him and no doubt he told you
the same that twisted minded rat
who calls himself a priest and like
an insane creature runs around
in a priests uniform and turns
his color around. That devil infested
creature, the devil in him sure enjoys
that and you along with him,
and his A you Mr. devil. Now again if
you make a dam fool of yourslf [yourself] and tramp
the streets you better put on long pants
Perhaps your pals will again carry you
on their shoulders and you can
again holler you are having a good
time. You sure have made plenty
a dam fool of yourself. Hundreds
and hundreds people say you are

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