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Milwaukee, Wis
Oct. 11, 1967

Dear Mrs. Phillips

I would suggest of you give Vel
some time [people?] who are [out?]
looking for a nice flat with a
rear cottage with some property
to see a Miss [Mary?] Boys of
1449 N 27th St.

She's rather slow in movement so her
nephew who takes care of her affairs
usually does things for her but she put
her property up for sale [as the limit's?]
88 and will retire to a [Home?].

[The?] home's well kept. the [illegible] [??]
to 4 rooms but [all?] were used
as living dining kitchen etc. but the one
room [end of?] [house?] as a large bedroom

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MaryV are these pages in Correspondence, Box 9, pages 50, 51, 52, and 53 as good as they can be?


Well Eric I must say I cannot be sure what any of the missing words are.

Wisconsin Historical Society

MaryV, many thanks for deciphering this difficult document. A tough one!