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3/17/67--Description of CIC
--City jobs
3/15/67--Comment on Adam Clayton Powell case
3/13/67--Greenleigh report
3/10/67--City jobs
--Greenleigh report
3/8/67--Comment on Powell case
3/6/67--Comment on election primary
3/3/67--Greenleigh report
2/27/67--Greenleigh report
2/24/67-Greenleigh report
--Negro spirituals relating to Easter
2/1/67--Comment on Powell case
1/30/67--Comment on Powell case, earlier scandals
1/27/67--Comment on Powell case, other congressmen
1/25/67--Comment on Powell case
1/23/67--Comment on Powell case
1/20/67--Comment on Powell case
1/18/67--Comment on Powell case
1/16/67--St. Francis school breakfasts
--Comment on Powell case
1/9/67--Study of Milwaukee school system
1/4/67--Study of Milwaukee school system
1/2/67--Study of Milwaukee school system
--City jobs
12/29/66--Review of progress in 1966
12/28/66--Review of progress in 1966
12/26/66--St. Mary-St. Gall pupil exchange
12/21/66--PACE school busing project
12/19/66--PACE school busing project
--Food stamp program
--Food stamp program
--Food stamp program
12/5/66--Meaning of de facto segregation
12/5/66--Meaning of de facto segregation
11/28/66--Comments on fair housing ordinance
--Description of SDC
--Description of SDC
11/9/66--Comment on fair housing ordinance
11/7/66--Importance of voting
11/4/66--Referendum questions
11/2/66--Offices on ballot
--City jobs
10/28/66--Comment on housing ordinance
10/26/66--Explanation of housing ordinance
10/19/66--History of fair housing laws
--Importance of voter registration
10/24/66--Reasons for fair housing ordinance
9/30/66--Introductory broadcast; importance of voting

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