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To present and analyze past and present Black politicians
and the role that each has played in the shaping of this

To formulate a framework for logically relating this body
of knowledge into contemporary political science theory.

General Format

This course will be a combination of lecture and discussion
sessions. During most of the semester the format will be
approximately an hour of lecture by the instructor, to be
followed by student discussion. In some instances, special
assignments will be given to individuals or groups of students
to present before the class.


There will be two written assignments or term papers due in the
following order:

First paper - November 5, 1969

Development of a Black politician or individual in
public life who has made a contribution to the American
political scene. This should include his style, education,
and complete background. As was discussed in class, this
person is not to be contemporary. Also, the subject need
not have served as an elected representative, but it would
be necessary that he (or she) did serve in some official

Second paper - December 17, 1969

An in-depth discussion and analysis of the broad meaning
of Black Power primarily as a political instrument for substantive
change. Of course, this should include your personal views
as to how the concept of Black Power relates to the economic,
social, and political structure of the Black community. However,
for this course, the major thrust is on the politics of Black
Power and how this doctrine in its fullest sense effects the
politics of both the black and the total community.

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