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Spring 1982
Prof. Van Horne


NOTE!! ONLY the readings with an asterik (*) are required. The others are recommended.

Introduction: The city and civilization.

*Murray Bookchin, The Limits of the City.
N. Machiavelli, History of Florence.
Montesquieu, Considerations on the Causes of Greatness of the Romans and
Their Decline
Arthur M. Schlesinger, The Rise of the City.
Edward C. Banfield, The Unheavenly City Revisited, pp. 1-99.
Lewis Mumford, The City in History.

II. The Nature of Violence.

*Hugh Davis Graham, Violence in America, pp. 83-188.
*Jerome A. Schaffer, (ed.) Violence (all).
G. Sorel, Reflections on Violence.
Jesse G. Gray, On Understanding Violence Philosophically, and Other Essays.
Carl Friedrich, The Pathology of Politics: Violence Betrayal, Corruption,
Secrecy and Propaganda.
Andrew W. Lincott, Violence in Republic Rome.

III. The 'occasioning factors' of violence in the city. (Special emphasis will be
placed on American Cities).

*C.R. Jeffery, (ed.) Biology and Crime (all).
Banfield, op. cit., pp. 100-147.
Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, pp. 203-282.
Jerome H. Skolnich & Elliott Currie, Crisis in American Institutions (2nd. ed.),
pp. 79-141.
Hannah Arendt, Crises of the Republic, pp. 105-198.
Louis K. Loewenstein, Urban Studies, pp. 79-126.
David Abrahamson, Our Violent Society.
Stuart H. Palmer, The Violent Society.
Renatus Harthogs, Violence: Causes and Solutions.
Anthony Downs, Urban Problems and Prospectives, pp. 75-114
Rodney St ark, Police Riots: Collective Violence and Law Enforcement.
*Charles Silberman, Criminal Violence, Criminal Justice, pp. 87-165.

IV. --- 1st Mid-Term ---
Non-Political Violence: Violence in the Family, Schools and Streets.

*Charles E. Silberman, Criminal Violence, Criminal Justice, pp. 3-86; 169-461.
*Graham, op. cit ., pp. 349-374.
*Suzanne Steinmetz, Cycle of Violence (all).
Suzanne Steinmetz, Violence in the Family.
Michael Berger, Violence in the Schools.
Lee Bowker, Prisoner Subculture.
Banfield, op. cit., pp. 179-233
Lynn A Curtis, Criminal Violence.

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