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Spring 1982
Prof. Van Horne

V. --- 2nd Mit-Term ---
Political Violence: Terrorism, Assassination, Urban Guerrilla Warfare, Riot/
Revolt/Revolution/Rebellion Coup d' etat, Revolution.

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(Law Enforcement Assistance Administration) Terrorism and Disorder.
David C. Rapoport, Assassination and Terrorism.
F. Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth.
V. I. Lentin, Two Tactics.
_____, The State and Revolution.
Carol Edler Baumann, The Diplomatic Kidnappings: A Revolutionary Tactic of
Urban Terrorism.
Ralph W. Conant, The Prospects for Revolution.
V.O. Nguyen Glap, Military Art of People's War.
_______Banner of People's War: The Party's Military Line.
James R. Ross, The War Within: Violence or Non-Violence in the Black Revolution.
Ted Henderick, Political Violence.

VI. The Effects of Violence: A Cost Benefit Analysis.

E. Cleaver, Soul on Ice.
The Autobiography of Malcolm X. (Alex Haley).
J. Feagin, Ghetto Revolts: The Politics of Violence in America.
Stefan A. Pasternak, Violence and Victims.
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Simon Dintz, (ed), In Fear of Each Other: Studies of Dangerousness in America.
Robert M. Conner, (ed), Urban Riots: Violence and Social Change.
Hans Toch, Peacekeeping: Police, Prisons, and Violence.

VII: Conclusion: "Every day is a good day to be born, every day is a good day to die."
(Pope John XXIII). The creative possibilities and destructive actualities of
violence in the city revisited.

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