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Black Voting Age Population By Registration Status For States, 1982


*States in positions 29 through 51 are ranked according to total black voting age population.
NA -- Not available
Source: Joint Center for Political Studies

Methodology for Table 1:
A. Column 5, 1982 Black Voting Age Population, was computed by multiplying 1982 total voting age population of all races (from Source 1,
below) by the black percentage of voting age population in 1980 (from Source 2, below).
B. Column 4, 1982 Black Registered Voting Age Population, is equal to Column 5 times the percentage of blacks who reported that they
registered (from Source 3, below).
C. Column 3, 1982 Black Unregistered Voting Age Population, is equal to Column 5 minus Column 4.

Sources for Table 1:
1. U.S. Bureau of the Census, "Population Estimates and Projections," Current Population Reports (Series P-25, No. 916, July 1982),
pg. 5. From Table 1: Projections of the Population of Voting Age, for States: November 1, 1982.
2. Ibid, pg. 3, from Table 3: Population of Voting Age, by Race and Spanish Origin: 1980 Census.
Bureau of the Census, Press release C383-63, April 18, 1983. From Table 4: Reported Voting and Registration, by Race and Spanish
Origin, for States.

Source: Joint Center for Political Studies

32 Ivy Leaf -- Winter 1983/84

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