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Status: Complete

Bakery and Pantry Jo Murphy 781-7359
Candy and Nuts Sue Charnon 421-5949
Christmas Crafts Linda Kieper 281-2450
Blue and Gold Booth Bev Rose 475-5608
Kringle Donna Herrman, Sharon Best 421-4856, 425-9642
Publicity Connie Mattes 258-0812
Food Marie Mullarkey 786-0246
Floor Plan Ann Dodds, Judy Nickolson 257-4141, 771-5243
Hospitality Rita Lindner, Judy Cafaro 258-0636, 782-3549
Poster Distribition Judy Bonk 246-3235
Raffle Coordinator Ann Lazewski 321-7263
Gingerbread House Blanche Comiskey 421-2849
Quilt Pat de Guzman 251-8876
Chairperson Mary Ann Armour 354-9609
Chairperson Mary June Hanrahan 332-6048
Co-Chairperson Cathy Lower 354-4493
Co-Chairperson Louise Walsh 786-0333
Treasurer Mary Ellen Buellesbach 786-4796

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