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IV. ... a threat od civil disorder and challenge
closely held beliefs through a prodding of
consciences regarding serious, radical wrongs.
Michael McGee was recently elected to the
Milwaukee Common Council. He comes to the
Council from a background of "creative dis-
order." Do you think that the statements re-
garding the young man who hanged himself while
in the City Jail made for "creative disorder"?

Explain in detail!

V. We are all ware of the desegregation dilemma of Black colleges
of the paradoxical situation wherein Black colleges are now
under pressures to desegregate even though they have never de-
nied admission to Whites, and were created to provide educa-
tional opportunities for Blacks at a time when most White col-
leges refused to admit Black students, courts & governmental
agencies have been in conflict on this issue.

A. What desegregation requirements do you feel
can be reasonably imposed on schools that
are mainly Black but are not operated on a
segegated or racially exclusionary basis?

B. Not all in the Black community agree with
Black college advocates regarding the con-
stitutional status and educational value of
Black colleges. Dr. Kenneth B. Clark views
these institutions as a violation of the Brown
decision and a major impediment to the provi-
sion of equal educational opportunities for
Black college students.

What is your view in this regard?
Explain in detail!

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