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To the Honorable the Senate and Assembly
of the State of Wisconsin

Your Memorialists would respectfully

That by an Act of the Wisconsin Legislature,
approved March 1860, the city of Berlin
was divided, and the town of Forsyth was
erected, partly from territory taken from said

That no provision was made in the said
Act, authorizing an equitable division of the
School Monies then in the common treasury.

[the following paragraph is crossed out in the original]
That on a full and final settlement by the
proper authorities of the said corporations, it
appears that there is now due from the said
city, to school District No. 1. in said town,
the sum of six hundred and forty dollars
and fifty cents ($640.50)

We therefore ask that the said Act of division
be so amended, as to authorize the Board of
Education of the City of Berlin, to issue to the
District Treasurer of No 1 in said School District Town of Forsyth an
order on the City Treasurer of said City, for the
[struck through] sum of six hundred and forty dollars and
fifty cents as aforesaid amount due
the said School Dis. No. one for the
said City.

John D Porter Member Bd Education
Geo. D. Warring Mayor of the City of Berlin
J.S. Husted Alderman
DB Parkhurst City Treas
Uri Garreth City Clerk

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I'm not sure how to represent the crossing out. Does anyone know?

Wisconsin Historical Society

In this situation where there is a large amount of text that is crossed out, use bracket tags, such as [strikeout] on each end the text. Your comment works also.