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To the Honorable the Council and House of
Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin

The Petition of the undersigned inhabitants of
the Town of Depere in Brown County respectfully
Represent that travellers are often subjected to great
inconvenience and difficulty to procure a passage
a cross the River at that place. They therefore humbly
Request of your honorable body; that a law may be
passed to authorize [William Dickinson] and others
to build a float Bridge from Dickinsons addition
of the Town of Depere to the opposite Bank of the
River to be constructed in such manner that carriages
can pass and repass on the Bridge, and Boats
twenty four feet in width pass through. And that
the said [William Dickinson] and his associates shall
have the sole profits accruing therefrom, as long as
said Bridge may remain sound or safe to cross on
The Toll to be assessed by the superior Court of the
County. And as no monopoly is intended they propri-
=etors are willing at any time to relinguish their claim
or ownership of said Bridge to the County of Brown, upon
their being paid by the County the amount of money
expended in building the same.

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