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To the Hon. the Legislature of the Territory of Wisconsin.

The undersigned, citizens of the county of Portage and Territory afsd. having learnt that a petition has been, or is about to be presented to your Hon. body, by the citizens of Sauk county praying that the section of county lying between the Wisconsin River and the range lines between Ranges seven and eight 1 East ought to be severed from the county of Portage and attached to and made a part of the County of Sauk;

Respectfully remonstrate against the prayer of said petition-and represent to your Hon. body that by an act passed by the Legislature of this Territory entitled "An act to establish the county of Sayk and to define its limits". Approved January 11th 1840. The said Range line between Ranges seven and eight was established as a part of the eastern boundary of Sauk County, and that by said act, the said section of county between said range line & the Wisconsin River was virtually made a part of the county of Portage, and has ever since so remained, and that great injustice would be done to said county of Portage, if the prayer of said petitions is granted- your remonstrants therefore pray that so much of the prayer of said petition as relates to the annexation of said tract of county to the county of Sauk, may be denied. And your petitioners will ever pray.
Portage County. Dec. 1843.-

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