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The undersigned would further represent that at the time that application was made (VZ 2 years since) for the organization of the said county of Sauk the passage of the petition was that its seal of justice should be located by a a vote of the people & further that a remonstrance was at the same time circulated through the county by the persons now dissatisfied with the location of its county seat & further that said remonstrance contained a prayer that if the county was organized at that time that its seat of justice should be located by commissioners. The undersigned has not a doubt but that both the petition & remonstrance are on file in the proper office. The delegation from Sauk whose names were upon the petition for organization consisting of some 20 members when they opposed before the special committee appointed by the [equinail?] for the purpose consented to the proper contained in the remonstrance after the bill as first presented have passed the House & commissioners were unequivocally appointed by the Council & concurred in by the House. The undersigned would further represent that in due course of time the county seat of said county was located by the said Commissioners at the town of Prairie du Sac, the deeds &c for all the aforesaid property occupied by the county commissioners & placed on record in the register office as the Undersigned verrily believed in good faith.

The undersigned would further represent that he firmly & believes the petition for the removal of said county seat contains names of persons under [ayc?]. some that but not residents of the county & a large number of foreigners who cannot speak

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