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the English language, consequently can have little knowledge of the merits or demerits of the object petitioned for but who are almost to a man under the contract of interested individuals. The undersigned would therefore humbly pray your honours to consider well the subject as he believed that upon your action in a great measure represents the question whether individuals are to be [defrauded?] of their property for the use of the public or whether that public shall be compelled to pay a fair value for property received or in other words to render unto [illegible] the things that are [bourne?] & unto God the things that we gives. The undersigned would therefore pray your honour to report such a bill as will [name?] can [leveled?] justice to all for a word to referred (provided the seat of justice should be removed) that which they have [illegible] on its equivalent to the rightful owners
Madison Jan 15 1846 Very Respectfully Yours,
Hon H. Hubbard

P.S. The undersigned would further state that he has once considered the reception of the title deeds & recording of them by the 6th commissioners as a bonu-fide contract of the people through the & commissioners & as such should be invaluable by either party.

Yours &c
Hon H.H.

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