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always cruel & hard to hear - still we
all must pass through the trial -
Poor, dear Lillie Peckham - I never
think of you & Milwaukee - but her beautiful
spirit flashes at before me too -
Mr. Paerflinger added his $5- so
$10- came - thanks to him - please -
& I will not write another -
- My time is full - Washington [underline] stares [ end underline]
me in fear for the 16th - hearing before
Judge Hall the 10th & between times,
working hard to get [underline] my argument [end underline]
[?] our [underline] Women's Votes not illegal [end underline]
perfected & strong as possible -
When I go West again - I shall
try hard to go & see you - if that
[fits?] a few plans -
With a great deal of love and a great
many thanks - I am
Sincerely Yours
Susan B. Anthony

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