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My honored and Dear friend
Susan B. Anthony, Vicepresidt of the N.W.S.A.
[Jan, 1884}
["copied MFA to SBA" in what looks like the same hand at top of letter]

In response to your
letter of Jan 18th, I am compelled to
be content with being with you only in
letter and spirit. when you learn
by the hand of another that for the past
year and a half I have been unable
to do anything. Have been compelled
to give up my life work of teaching
and writing and submit to great
bodily sufering almost without
intervals of rest. Cared for constantly
by my devoted children. You can
well understand how unfitted
I am to do more that express
by another my heartfelt sympathy
with you in your approaching meeting,
I has been my cherished wish
for years to stand once more among
you in Lincoln Hall and reiterate
my life-long sentiments and hopes

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hand-written letter and much poorer handwriting than her other letters