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Tuesday Aug 15, I was obliged to spend in letter writing
about the itinerary. Immediately after [dinn crossed out] lunch
we went to Zonnebloom an educational and manual
training school for Natives. It was in an old slave
quarter, where slave dens had been made into recitation
rooms. Carpentering, printing &c are taught. We said two
coal black boys, sons of Lewanika the great chief
North of the Zambesi. When the application was made for
their admittance a blank was returned to be filled out.
Among other queries was this: What is your father's
occupation. Against this question was the reply "King."
From Zonnebloom we went to the South African
College where a member of the Faculty showed us about.
It seemed a very good college with insufficient
equipment in the way of buildings and library.

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