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Behind him came a barefooted man with knee
trousers made of old drawers and a shirt He carried
over his shoulders a stick upon which hung an
iron kettle in which the family food is cooked
Now these necessities are bought from the Whites.
These kettles are universally used by the Natives.

Behind the
men came
two women
and with
skirts nearly
to the knees
consisting of
a fringe of
leather strings
a slight covering
for the upper
part of the body was worn by one and a heavy
shawl by the other for she carried a baby on her
back. Both women carried a tremendous
bundle on their heads and walked with a grace
and dignity which won my admiration
They walked Indian file. A little later I saw
them squatting on the station platform in a
retired corner. The baby was out of the shawl
and running about. It was probably two yrs
old and was formed like a cherub, but it was
a bronze one. She wore a string of beads around

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