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reception where I spoke and again got even with those who bored me.

On Tuesday we met in the morning and in the afternoon we went out in to naphtha launches to Salisbury Island where among the trees amd mosquitoes we had tea with which was served some delicious home made cake. It was a pleasant afternoon.

That evening there was a public meeting in a small hall where the delegates were to speak. Some had been tired out and had headaches as the result of the heavy work so I had to make a speech to help out.

The next day we met in the morning as usual and in the afternoon there was a trolly ride and a tea at a fine home.

I excused myself from that and went to bed. The public meeting came that evening.

Durban had a town hall which covers a block and it contains a beautiful big hall with most disconcerting acoustic properties. For the first time I could not wear my velvet. The sweat poured off in buckets as it was.

Thursday morning there was another meeting and calls from delegates all the afternoon. I was glad to get to bed early again.

On Friday the Mayoress gave us a lunch includoing [including] the Executive of the Suffrage Club. This was given at the Hotel Royal.

In the morning Miss Cameron and I went to the dock to see our ship but by the time we arrived the rain was falling in torrents and we did not get out of the tram. We went back to the starting point and took a ricksha to the hotel.

The rain ceased about noon and when the Mayoress invited us for a drive I requested a trip to the dock. Dr. Jacobs went with me and we went over the ship. We were quite disgusted and indignant as it was far from our ideas of being a first class ship. I returned to my dressmakers and got home for dinner.

Those four dresses all came home Saturday night and during the week had demanded several calls and fittings which had made the week much harder, but the comfort of being provided with thin things for these tropical climates simply repaid the trouble. It is worth mentioning that for each of the five dresses, I gave a definite order as to style and none was made after it.

On Sunday the Heavens opened and the rain descended in torrents, being interspersed with thunder storms. No one interrupted, the delegates had gone, and the day was devoted to packing.

I went over my papers, wrote seven letters to S.A. packed three trunks one case of books, and ten small packages. We were all worn to a frazzle by bed time.

It rained all night and all the next day. We were to leave the Hotel with our baggage at ten o'clock. A man in Cape Town owed me on an overcharge on my roll which had got sent to Johannesburg instead of my Hotel in Cape Town when I arrived.

I received a telegram that he had telegraphed money, but where? The hotel manager said it would be at the post office, so early I took the ricksha and went there, got my money and returned in another all the time in pouring rain.

That morning I had to unpack three packages to get as many articles required because of the storm conditions At last we reached our steamer and on a muddy deck in the rain received the large delegation who had come to see us off.

The Norwegian Consul, Mr. Egeland brought the Dr and I each a bouquet of carnations. The Club brought me a book of views of of S.A. Mrs. Ayres, president, Mrs. Jessie Forbes Secretary, Mrs. Behr treasurer, Mrs Ankotill and many others were among the group.

We pulled out about one and the rain had about ceased but the sea was rocky as a result of the three days rain. Mrs. Boersma gave up, frankly delivered up her meals and stayed in bed until we reached the first stop. The Doctor took her meals on deck and Miss Cameron had a struggle, but I was right side up. I found my bed the worst possible, the table indifferent, the drawing room so small that four people around a table for cards and that table filled the room, and our cabin provided with no place to sit.

These things we had discovered when we visited the ship and later had called on the Manager in Durban and gave him such a lecture on the way we were being treated that I am sure he said afterwards that that was one of those soured suffragettes.

But after putting things away and filling the uper berth I could make my room fairly comfortable. We got used to the table altho the bed was always bad I yielded to the inevitable.

We sailed October 23 at 1 o'clock, Monday. We arrived at Lorenco Marques the next day in the early afternoon. There was a dock and we went off at once taking a walk about the town getting back for dinner.

The next morning we went off again, took a tram ride about the City, visited the really remarkable botanical garden, had coffee at a public tea house and got back to lunch

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