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wifeof [wife of] the Premier ([Botha?]), one by Mrs. Hull wife of Minister of Finance.
I attended 14 afternoon teas; 3 morning teas; 6 dinners; 3 picnics; 12 committee meetings.

Of the 76 days, eleven and a half days full and 11 nights were spent on the train [.]
About 2 weeks or 14 full days were spent in sightseeing which included four days at Victoria Falls, an excursion to Camp's Bay and a days [day's] drive in Cape Town; a visit to an Ostrich farn [farm] and the ostrich market in Pt Elizabeth; a visit to a farm in Bloemfontein; a visit to the DeBeers mines in Kimberley; a visit to a Kaffir Kraal in Maritzburg.

Each of the above took the whole of a day, but sometimes tired nature was prodded up to go to something in the evening.
The 36 days spent in sightseeing and travel left 40 days spent with suffragists.
The functions including public meetings number 76 making an average of nearly two things each day.
We made many visits to railroad stations, Cook's etc., visisted [visited] many shops in search of postals and photos, did some shop-ping [shopping], and incidentally visited many places of interest which could be put in when there was time to spare.
These last mentioned incidentals included visits to eight museums all of which we found extremely interesting and instructive.
The above record was performed in a climate varying from cold which required loading ourselves with all the clothes possible and sleeping with hot water bottles, bed shoes, and flannel nightgowns to tropical heat rendered indurable only by the continual whirr of electric fans.
I should add to the above record three and a half days spent with the convention in Durban.
Now, passing up the East Coast, we visit 7 additional towns belonging to East Africa, [.]
This record would not be complete without listin g [listing] the reading done in connection with it and which was the necessary preparation for understanding the conditions of this part of the world.
Since leaving Southampton I have read the following books: The Militant Suffrage Movement, Billington Greig: [;] Woman and Labor, Olive Schreiner; S. Africa, Story of the Nations, Theal; From the Great Trek to the Union, Frank Cama; Man Eaters of Tsavo, Col. Patterson; Jock of the Bushveld; The Partition of Africa; The Ruins of Rhodesia; The Dark and Yellow Skinnned People of S. A. Theal; Tropical Africa Drummond; The Romance of Empire-S. A.; Letters of Lady Barnard; Christian Missions in S. A. J. Du Pless; InterRacial Problems- Report Races Congress; Guide to S. Africa (twice); A Pilgrimage to Jerusalem; Guide to Egypt; Guide to India; the Dop Doctor (an African story of the Boer war) two novels and several magazines and pamphlets- F 21 good sized books, mostly octavo and the magazines.
The [inelligible] of the Congo

In view of the reputation I have of being delicate I consider the above a fair four months [months'] work.
Meanwhile the rest has restored my health and strength to a surprising degree.
The first calico brought to the East Coast was brought by an American ship.
It was cut into suitable strips for the wraps the Natives wear and was used as a medium of exchange in the interior.
It was called Americani.
Now it is brought by German ships and is made in Germany but goes by the old name.
Told by American Counsel Zanzibar.
One of the chief occupations of Durban is whaling- about 1000 whales are caught there each year.
Between Maritzburg and Durban the 4 hours journey was through fields of pineapples and bananas.
We had a drink of fresh cocoanut in Zanzebar. When used for a drink, the fruit is green. It is not so sweet and
was a palatable, cool and refreshing drink.

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