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Michigan State Anti Slavery Convention
held at Adrian the 16th of October
1852~ The following Resolution was
past unanimosly
Resolved That a State Central Anti-
Slavery Committee of not less than six-
teen, be formed, a Quorum of whome shall
reside in or near Adrian, and consist of
not less than seven, whose duty shall be
to excercise a superintendence over the interests
of the cause in this state, in auxiliaryship
as far as may be with the Westerin and
American Anti Slavery Societies and who
shall endeavor to develope as fast as possible,
the spirit of Freedom in the State by em-
ploying and encouraging suitable Agents either from
abroad, or if practicable from among our
own inhabitents, to travel and lecture, sell
books, circulate the Anti Slavery Bugle, and
other strictly anti slavery papers, and solicit
funds to be expended in the promotion of the
work. And it shall also be the duty of
this committee, to call the next State Con-
vention in such place, and at such time,

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