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3rd Resolved that we rejoice that among the faithless,
one was faithful found and cordially approve the
course of Judge Knox in desenting from the rest of
the court, and ably and manfully asserting the
rights, against the usurpation of the Federal officials
4th Resolved that we [look?] with warm approval and
hearty admiration upon the enduct of Passmore
Williamson throughout the whole affair both in
the act that brought upon him vengence of the
Federal Officials, and in the noble bearing the
calm unweavering firmness and quiet resolution
with which he has met the infliction and demands
of the tyrants and we assure himof our
earnest sympathy in his sufferings and our hope
for his early deliverance in a manner honerable
to him self by that "clean victory" over his oppress-
ors to which law and justice clearly entitle him
5th Resolve that if the doctrin laid down by these
judges in their decision, that the judgement of a
Federal Court in a case of alleged contempt
cannot be questioned or reviewed by the state
Courts be law, and so received and acted upon
throughout the country, then we are all without
legal protection angainst any tyranny which
the judicial agents of the slave holding nation-
al government may chose to exercise upon us
but are in effect the subjects of an absolute
Mr. Burleigh also presented from the Business
Committe the following is a substitute for both
series of resolutions presented by Henry [?} [?]
Resolved that in our opinion duty and sound
policy alike require of all true abolitionists
to stand outside of a Union and a government
in which we can stand only on condition of
giving or promising aid to slavery, and therefore
in as much as such is the character of the existing
American Union and Government we are
[constrained?] to stand outside of them, Acting
on the motto " No Union with slaveholders

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