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11, Whereas we have the [tistimony?] of Francis P. Blair, President
of the Pitsburgh Convention which embodied in form the
principles on which the Republicans installed their national
organization, "That there was not one in that convention who
looked to its action in restoring the pacification which bound
the states together as a security to the states where it now exists, "And
Whereas, We have no reason to question the truth of his testimony
concerning the Philadelphia Convention "that nothing could
be more revolting to the prevalent sense of that body than the
general manumission of the slaves in the South Ana putting
them on a level with the white race", therefore
Resolved, In the language of the same distinguished
political leader that "The Republican party abjures the
idea of [intermedling] with Slavery where it exists, or interfering
with it in any state which may hererafter establish it,"-
"That the assumptin that the Republican is an abolition
party, is an audacious libel."
12 Whereas, the end and aim of the Republican party, according
to the testimony of Hon. Nathaniel P. Banks in his recent
speech in New York, "Is not that we shall legislate on the
question of the Fugitive slave law, or whether in the future
extension of our territory slavery shall be prohibited or no.
"That this is all we ask, no more no less, no better and no worse,
that the spirit of the acts of 1820 and 1850 shall be made
good in 1856, Thus removing a question of agitation and giving
again to the country the peace it enjoyed in 1852," and

Whereas, We are assured by the same Republican leader that
in the event of the success of the Republican party, "Before
another year is passed, the question between the North and South
will not be one of slavery, but it will be a question of the Pacific
Railway and the trade of 700,000,000 of people, and

Whereas, We believe it strictly true as alos affirmed by
Mr, Banks in his speech in New burgh. N.Y. Sept. 30th.- We
(the Republicans) interfere with no rights of the South, we
stand exactly where we have always stood in the old organization
except in regard to the Missouri compromise line, and

Whereas, the old organizations have always been the faithful
friends and allies of slavery, and

Whereas, We the Abolitionists "stand exactly where we have
always stood" demanding justice for the Slave, therefore

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