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Dats of Warr.ts Gl Haldim.d
1782 Fol
Janry 9th To Lt. Col. Carleton 165ds Bal & Forage Money for the G:l & Staff Officers of German Troops. Reg.t of Prince Freddr, Dragoons of Duke Louis, de Reidesel, de [Rheteg?] de Speth, Batt.ons of Berner Detachm:t of Infantry & Artillery of Hesse Hanaw, Batt.n of Anhalt Zerbot. Losberg & Kniphauson, for the Campaign 1781 55 2730 15 ~
March 26th To Ditto 165ds Do for two Officersof The [Germ.d? or Genr.l?] Staff & a Detachm:t of the Kings Corps of Loyal Rangers for the Campaign 1781 58 457 17 6
April 7 To Maj; Gen:l Reidesel for Conting.t of different German Reg:ts 59 202 13 10 1/2
New York
G,l Clinton
July 22d To David Geddes, for an Allow:ce to the Officers of the Brunswick & Hesse Hanaw Troops in the Convention Army at Saratoga by way of [recomfrence? or recompence?] for the very heavy Expence they have been put to during their Captivity in the Years 1778, 1779, & 1780 69 9443

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There are six columns and 2nd column has the most script and 3,4,5,6 columns have small numeric entries. Learned how to make columns for tables but it is challenging to align them as shown. Will continue to experiment with the alignment.


Had the same problem as Carol above but I think I’ve formatted things adequately? It’s a little awkward with how the text from the middle column is broken up into cells by line, but it seems ok.