W[illia]m Johnson 2 ADsS to Benjam[i]n Ashly, February 22, 1757; [Fort Johnson, New York] Writer Johnson, William, 1715-1774

Passport for Indians to attend the meeting at Harris Ferry. On same page: Order for Benjamin Ashly to give the Indians one or two batteau that were left at Oshgnagoc last fall by Capt. Wells. IEGOR Lot 605.


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As these Indians, who carry this papport, are friends, and going on his Majestys Service to the Meeting to be held at Harris Ferry, all officers, And others his Majestys Subjects are desired to let them pass, and repass unmolested . and aid & assist them on their Journey. as it will be well taken by all the Nations. "-" Given Under my Hand this 22d Day of Febry 1757 "-" WM Johnson

Mr Ashly please to let those Indians have a [ Battoe] or two of them, wh. were left at [Oshgnagac] last Fall by Captn Wells. as they are going on his Majestys Service. I am yr. Humble Servt Wm Johnson

To Mr. Benjmin Ashley at [oshgnagac] -

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