G[oldsbro]w Banyar DS Copy, January 19, 1763; Fort George, New York

Docket: "Minute of Council relative to the Complaint of the Connajoharie Indians. Entd. in Vol. VIII Indn. Records, Page 363." Report of a meeting held by Robert Monckton regarding the claims of the Canajoharie Indians. William Livingston is advised to transmit a copy of the declaration signed by the Indians in December to William Johnson, as well as copies of two Indian deeds or Quit Claims to Jelles Fonda and George Klock--December 12, 1761, and February 3, 1762. Request for William Johnson to hold a meeting with the Canajoharie Sachems and Indians in the presence of as many Justices of the Peace in Albany that can attend, respecting the complaint. IEGOR Lot 614.

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At a Council held at Fort George in the City of New York on Wednesday the Nineteenth day of January 1763 ~ Present His Excellency the Honourable Robert [Monchton?]~ Captain General [?] ~

Mr [Horsmanden?] Mr Watts
Mr Chambers Mr Walton
Mr Smith Mr DeLancey
Claiming under the Connajoharie Patent, in answer to the Complaint of the Connajoharie Indians respecting the said Patent, William Livingston Esq: {unclear punctuation here} of Council for the said Claimants was Called in and being fully heard thereupon, The Board were of Opinion and advised his Excellency to transmit to Sir William Johnson a Copy of the Declaration signed by the Indians, dated in Decem= =ber last and now produced to the Board on the part of the said Claimants, as also Copies of two Indian Deeds or Quit Claims to [Ielles Fonda?] and George Klack, one, Dated Twelfth December 1761, and the other Dated the, Twenty third February 1762, and to desire sir William Johnson would, as soon as Conveniently may be Convene, all the Sachems and Indians of the Connajoharie Castle at such place as he shall think fit and where it is~ probable the meeting will be most complete. And that~ he do at such meeting in the presence also of as many of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace of the County of ~ Albany as can be assembled, particularly the Justices~ before whom the Declaration aforesaid was made, explain to the Indians do met, the purport of the said Declaration And

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And require them to signify their Sentiments on the ~ whole matter of Complaint in the most explicit manner~ that the same be reduced to writing and transmitted to his Excellency, signed by Sir William Johnson and the said Justices, And that this Proceeding be Transacted in the most solemn, impartial and authentick manner that may be, to afford all the Satisfaction the Nature of the Subject requires- And to this end that Sir WilliamJohnson do give publick and timely Notice of such~ meeting that all parties interested may attend if they~ see fit-~ A true Copy Examd. by [ ]

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19th January 1763

CopyMinute of Council relative to the Complaint of the Connajoharie Indians,

Entd. in vol VIII Indn. Records~ Page 363~

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